3 Dog Blog — A Boxer Adventure

Blog Name: 3 Dog Blog — A Boxer Adventure

Complete Blog URL: www.house-of-hagg-boxer-dog-adventures.blogspot.com

General category (dog, cat, all, other): dog

If breed-specific blog, name of breed(s): Boxer

Blog description: Well written stories (mostly from the dogs’ point of view) about living with 3 powerful and highly energetic dogs. This blog highlights exercise techniques, obedience and agility training, family life – including traveling, camping and hiking, health issues as they arise and much more. All three dogs have a ‘Royal’ title and lead the reader on a hilarious journey as they ‘teach’ their handler how to understand their canine language and antics. The goal of the writer is to reduce the number of Boxers entering into rescue organizations due to the lack of research of owners prior to picking out a dog. Too many Boxers are abandoned because the owners did not know how to properly exercise a Boxer’s body and mind. These stories emphasis in a humorous way how much effort it takes to raise a Boxer to be a healthy, happy and vibrant member of the family.

About the blogger(s): They are a retired couple who have (long ago) fallen in love with the Boxer. They have been training dogs for over 15 years, although they are not professional trainers. They do put a lot of energy into the lives of their dogs so that they are integrated into the family life as happy, loving pets. They have been very involved in their local rescue organizations as well as local training clubs. They travel the country in their big bus with all 3 dogs and find that there are many, many people out there with a great love of the Boxer breed. Their blog is a way of sharing stories with their new found friends.

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