8 Paws and 2 Tails

Blog Name: 8 Paws and 2 Tails

Complete Blog URL: 8pawsand2tails.blogspot.com

General category (dog, cat, all, other): dog, cat

Blog description: 8 Paws and 2 Tails is a personal blog about one family’s experiences caring for a dog and cat, how they came to cook for them, treat chronic illness and begin the process of integrating holistic care with traditional veterinary care.

About the blogger(s): Pet Mom Barbara is a life-long dog parent and second-time cat parent. Her two wonderful companions are Annie, a Beagle-mix rescue adoptee and Orphée, a Maine Coon mix Barbara’s brother Artie rescued from a life on the streets after the death of their first cat, Buddy.

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