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Blog description: A Street Dog’s Story is a blog focused on providing news related to street dogs, and information about organizations that work to help street dogs. We also routinely profile rescued street dogs and cats. The intent of the blog is to draw attention to street dogs and their plight while positively highlighting people who are working on behalf of street dogs worldwide.

The blog, A Street Dog’s Story, is a tandem project along with a recently published book of the same title. The book follows Labi as she makes the transition from the streets to being a pet and as she discovers her mission: to rescue other street animals.

About the blogger(s): Eric and Tracy Whittington are the proud humans of Labi. Both Eric and Tracy are U.S. diplomats, and in 2006, Tracy adopted Labi while serving in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Labi joined another rescued dog, Proby, and a rescued cat, Tally, in Tracy’s household. The whole family moved to Montreal, Canada via Washington, D.C. in 2007. Eric was still living in Armenia. In 2009, Eric and Tracy got married. Sadly, Labi’s guide and mentor, Proby, passed away shortly after. Tally, Labi, and Tracy finally moved to Washington, D.C. in 2010 to be with Eric, where they spent 18 months before heading out to their next assignment – La Paz, Bolivia. Labi’s feline sibling, Tally, passed away just before they left Washington.

In La Paz, Eric and Tracy visited Animales SOS, the city’s only shelter, and rescued a Bolivian street cat, Linc. For the past two years, Linc has tormented poor Labi, who is too sweet-natured to put him in his place. Labi keeps busy writing and publishing her adventures, letting artists draw her, and having her humans ghost-write the blog.

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