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Blog description: Our adventures with our Corgi Deluca and Shiba mix Banksy. We also review some of our favorite and least favorite pet products we have tried as well as some of the best places to find them at a good price. We have a section devoted to information and tips for training your dog and training yourself. We have basics like picking the right crate for your dog and more specific posts like how to really really clean up an accident.

A section of our blog is also devoted to information on dog rescue and our experiences as foster parents for a rescue. Being a part of a rescue changed our lives and we hope we can help it change others as well.

There is also never a lack of cute doggy pictures and give aways to take part in.

About the blogger(s): Barbi is a doggy lover who realized she needed an outlet for all of her doggy thoughts. When people stopped asking how she was doing and instead asked how the dogs were doing she decided a blog may help her be able to have conversations with friends outside the dog world.

Barbi doesn’t let her lack of training certificates or actual writing talent stop her from sharing all the random things that go on in her mind and her life.

As the foster coordinator for a Shiba rescue Barbi has plenty of ammo for her writings. On top of that her furry children Deluca the long haired Corgi and Banksy the alien mutt give her plenty of things to talk about.

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