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Blog description: Awesome Dog celebrates all the dogs of this world and the people who love them. Some of the topics you can check out at Awesome Dog are:

Heart Warming Dog Stories, Hero Dogs, Contests from Dog Suppliers, Latest Dog News, Jobs With Dogs, Working Dogs, Funny Dog Videos, People Who Help Dogs, Highlighting Other Cool Dog Places to Visit, and more…

One fun thing that we like to do is our “Street Report” videos. Just talking about fun dog topics as we come upon them out on the street, and trying to give you a laugh (or even just a little smile). We keep it real positive over at Awesome Dog, and prefer to focus on doing good for both dogs and people.

About the blogger(s): I (Mary) love animals and nature. Dogs and hiking are my favorites! My favorite hiking partner is little Riki, a cute little mix I rescued from the animal shelter. The happiest times in my life are when I can rescue or take care of an animal, especially dogs.

I have experience as a Dog Handler doing wilderness Search and Rescue for a volunteer SAR Team. My dog Jake and I worked together to help find people lost in the woods, or deceased individuals. All my dogs have meant so much to me, whether they were a working dog or a couch potato. I love all their different personalities.

I want Awesome Dog to be a fun, positive place for you to visit and share dog adventures and stories.

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