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Blog description: The Back Alley Soapbox chronicles the lives of Moses and Alma, two Newfoundland dogs living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with their two humans and two cats. Both Moses and Alma are purebred Newfoundland dogs; Moses came from a breeder in Alberta, and Alma was adopted from a rescue organization in Montana a couple of years later. Written from the perspective of Jen, and her everyday experiences with Moses and Alma, the Soapbox examines the minutiae of dog ownership, local pet advocacy and welfare efforts, current events, and other miscellaneous examinations of social behaviour – both human and canine; you might call it ‘Seinfeld, but with more drool’, but that would likely be too high praise.

What’s your favorite pet tip that you would like to share with fellow pet lovers?: Get outside every day with your dog!

About the blogger(s): Jen Kaiser writes the Back Alley Soapbox, blogging from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where she has lived for over a decade. Jen’s daytime profession has nothing to do with the pet community, but in her spare time she is involved in animal welfare advocacy, helping to found the Actions Speak Louder (Calgary) campaign, advocating an end to retail pet sales in Calgary. Jen began blogging in 2010 for personal enjoyment and as an outlet for her stories and photos of Moses and Alma so she did not become “that person” who only talked about her dogs to her friends. Jen likes to pick pretentious human names for her pets, such as historical figures or well-known fictional characters from classic literature.

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