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Blog description: “Satire gone to the Dogs.” The cartoon characters, residents of “DOGiCITY,” for the most part, share most of the same qualities, ambitions, and intellectual stimulation that endear us human beings to them. We look with appreciation to their, unbiased outlook on life and their full understanding of the most fundamental comforts in a world that is conspicuous in its quest for immediate satisfaction. Cal, Lulu and Friends bring innocence, enthusiasm, inner-beauty and unconditional love to our lives on a daily basis. “Cal and Lulu” and their friends are refreshingly honest with their straightforward agendas that are highlighted by their love of food and recreation. That is not to say that they not without their extravagances, especially as they relate to their taste in food and expensive doggie toys. They are just as happy sometimes, with an empty plastic bottle, an old pair of slippers or an “ort” from the dinner table.

About the blogger(s): 1,460 sticky notes a year posted to a bathroom mirror, for two years! And so began the creation of Canine Cartoons by Anthony “Stephen” -Crothers, a seventy year old man, who has taken the casual conversations uttered at the dog park and turned them into a forum for expressing the concerns and absurdities of everyday life, not through the unleashed tongues of the pet owners, but from an un-muzzled and pensive perspective of the canines themselves.

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