Cascadian Nomads

image 7Welcome to our dog, bird & cat adventure blog with  inspiration for fun with pets. Get motivated for quality pet time within these exciting chronicles of two active humans, three busy canines, one crazy psittacine & an energetic feline going on road trips, camping, playing, training, bonding and staying fit and healthy in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest & beyond.

What’s your favorite pet tip that you would like to share with fellow pet lovers? Respect your pets intelligence and individuality- train and spend quality time with them every chance you get! Our pets time with us is always too short so make the most of every second.

About the blogger(s): Bethany has had pets her entire life. Her family always included the dogs on every hiking, backpacking, camping or road trip they took. Now Bethany holds the leashes and the steering wheel, sharing her pet adventure knowledge and experiences with you through beautiful photographs and honest inspirational stories.

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