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Cat-Chat-With-Caren-and-CodyCat Chat With Caren and Cody was created in loving memory of my beloved “Bobo” who allowed me to share his life for 18 wonderful years. He was the epitome of a true “soul kitty!” It is also dedicated to my current snuggle bug, and co-author of this blog, “Cody” who helped alleviate my heartache after my beloved Bobo passed.

It is my goal that Cat Chat be a warm, cozy, inviting place for cat lovers from all over the world where they feel relaxed and can share, laugh, love and learn even more about the amazing creatures that we hold so dear to our hearts. We hope you enjoy our stories, videos, humorous photos, product reviews, book reviews and guest writers that we showcase! Without YOU, there would be no Cat Chat With Caren and Cody!

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About the blogger(s): Life-long Clevelander who worked in advertising at The Plain Dealer (Ohio’s largest newspaper) for 21 and a half years. Moved to Michigan in 2001. Not one to run from change, began process of “re-inventing myself” in 2009 after a company downsizing in 2007. Currently a professional blogger in the pet industry who also does freelance writing.

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