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Kurious KittyKuriousKitty.com provides useful and current information to be the best pet parent you can be! We specialize in pet health, pet safety and pet nutrition. We strive to provide the best and most useful content to help pet parents grow and become closer to their pets, learning how to harmonize their home with their pets and keep their pets happy and healthy for a lifetime!

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About the blogger(s): Jessica has always had a love for animals, especially cats and dogs, from a very early age. In fact, there is hardly a time in her life where you can’t find a picture of her with a cat or dog! As an adult, she has had many experiences with pets and helped run a successful TNR (trap neuter return) operation with a local rescue group. Taking every chance to learn more about our furry companions, Jessica has spent countless hours learning from veterinarians over the years about her pets. She is even a certified veterinary assistant. She organizes donations from the community that go to local animal shelters and rescue groups and always lends a hand when needed. Jessica is also very involved with her pets, keeping a house full of furry critters happy and healthy! She writes about subjects that matter to her as a pet parent and animal lover, so they will resonate with you in the same way.

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Three Dogs and a Couch

A collection of stories about a very diverse group of personalities of the canine, feline, and even human persuasion living in the woods in northwestern Ontario.

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About the blogger(s): Heather Peden is a writer and photographer, a lover of nature and animals of all kinds.

Tossed Cookies

Tossed-CookiesTossed Cookies is an information blog that focuses on the subject of pet poisons, toxins, treatments for poisoning, and poison prevention. It is geared towards owners to help them learn about dangerous substances in their homes.

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About the blogger(s): Erin is a 36-year-old certified veterinary technician living with her life partner, her son, four cats, and one poor outnumbered dog. She has been in the veterinary business since 2001, having attended Colorado State University, Bel-Rea Institute of Veterinary Technology, and the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. She worked at a couple of vet clinics, including an orthopedic surgeon, before she settled in at an animal poison control center in 2012. Since starting there, she has published toxicology briefs and continuing education articles on toxicology through the NAVTA journal and the VSPN network.

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Pet Care Facts


Pet Care Facts aims to help dog and cat owners take better care of their furry friends.

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About the blogger(s): Pet Care Facts is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive collection of articles about dogs and cats, including topics such as health, training, behavior, and breed history. Our growing collection of posts and articles is well-researched, and professionally written. Pet Care Facts is a premier destinations for dog and cat lovers, to learn more about the wants and needs of their four-legged companions. When possible we reach out to authors, professionals, and enthusiasts to improve our content offering, and make Pet Care Facts into a must-read blog for all animal lovers.

In addition to the informative and in-depth articles about dogs, cats, and our highly detailed breed articles, we try to keep things fun and interesting by offering not only educational work, but also writing which is fun and entertaining. We have selected to cover the most popular pets (cats and dogs) in order to serve a wide audience, and have limited our work to these two pets in order to be able to give proper attention to the work we do, and the information we provide. Our love of dogs and cats is evident in our work, and we hope that our visitors see and appreciate the resource which we have created.

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Pet Wellbeing Blog

The Pet Wellbeing Blog features tricks, tips and information for pet parents, in addition to real pet stories.

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About the blogger(s): Dr. Janice Huntingford, DVM, has been in veterinary practice for 28 years and has founded two veterinary clinics since receiving her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph. She has studied extensively in both conventional and holistic modalities.

Comfort From Critters

Comfort-for-CrittersComfort From Critters is the official blog of the nationwide non-profit, “Comfort for Critters,” which provides handmade blankets to shelter pets.

Comfort From Critters explores the numerous, and often surprising, ways in which companion animals provide comfort to their human companions.

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About the blogger(s): Linda is the founder of “Comfort for Critters”, a NPO that makes and donates hand made blankets to pets living in animal shelters across the US.

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Welcome to the Menagerie

Welcome-to-the-menagerieDogs, cats and even birds all play a role in this playful, informative blog. Ever wondered what it’s like to live with a tiny but sassy Boston Terrier? Or how to handle a blind cat? Or what sorts of activities semi-feral cats like? This is the blog for you.

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About the blogger(s): Jean Dion, an experienced freelance writer, is the exclusive blogger for this site. (As an added bonus, she owns all of the pets!)

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C & K Pet Designs

C-&-K-Pet-DesignsAs pet parents ourselves we understand the joy (and occasionally challenges) of having furry family members. That’s why we started C & K Pet Designs blog; we hope readers will find it a great resource whether they currently share their lives with cats/dogs or are looking to add a furry friend to their household.

If you are looking for information on adopting a senior dog, training your first puppy, common cat issues, treat recipes, weather related safety tips, innovative pet toys or just a funny clip to lighten up your day…we have it covered.

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About the blogger(s): It all started with a little German Shepherd puppy named Isis. Since then we started making collars, greeting cards and blogging about the ups and downs of sharing your life with a furry family member.

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Oliver in Training

This is a blog that follows the journey of a Sphynx Kitten on his way to becoming a therapy cat for cancer patients. There are also posts about general pet health, both dogs and cats, and also quirky stories about other pets, including a crazy Goldendoodle, and a sweetheart black Lab. There will be product reviews, and tidbits of information about pet behavior and pet technology as well. I am hoping to give the benefit of animal therapy for those who can’t have an animal at the moment, through stories and videos.

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What’s your favorite pet tip that you would like to share with fellow pet lovers?: I would say that love and respect goes a long way as far as animals are concerned. Let them dictate how much of YOU that they want and then respect that and love them for that and you will get a lot of love in return. Animals do so much for us and it is only fair that we respect them and the work they do.

About the blogger(s): I am a 22 year old cancer survivor and I experienced a lot of anxiety and depression once I went into remission. I have worked my way through that, but my therapist suggested a therapy pet, just to keep me motivated. That is when Oliver came into the picture. He is a Sphynx cat and is the perfect guy to help me deal with the trauma of chemo. And as I was organizing everything for Oliver’s arrival I realized that not all people had the opportunity that I did, and that I should share Oliver, because there are a lot of people out there who could benefit. And then while I was at it I threw in some dogs too, after all cats and dogs have different charms, and I am hoping my blog becomes a place that pet lovers and those in need of some quality pet time can go to ease their minds.

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Our Furry Family

Blog about my furry family:

  • Murphy – female Border Collie
  • Huey Lewis – male mini Aussie
  • Piper – Female Ginger Cat
  • Leo – Male Ginger Cat

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About the blogger(s): Spilltojill has been blogging for years – mostly about pets.