Tale in the Tail

Tale in the Tail
Tale in the Tail talks about pet health and wellness, new dog owner tips, DIY ideas, product reviews and much more.

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About the blogger(s): Sruthi Thelakkat is a marketing professional by day & a blog ninja and dog hair glitter lover by night. Her specialities include content writing, web design, social media marketing and influencer marketing.

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Wear Wag Repeat

Wear Wag Repeat

Wear Wag Repeat is about style, dogs and DIY. If shopping, crafting and your dog are your three favorite things, this is the blog for you! Posts include DIY Concrete Dog Bowl Holders, Dog Friendly Shopping Guides and adorable Chocolate Lab photos!

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About the blogger(s): Tori Mistick is the stylish dog mom blogger behind Wear Wag Repeat. She loves exploring dog friendly businesses and activities around Pittsburgh with her chocolate lab, Lucy.

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Bridle & Bone

Bridle & BoneA personal blog written by a certified equine and canine sports massage therapist that follows her personal journey as an adult amateur equestrian and rescue dog mom.

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About the blogger(s): Heather Wallace massages horses and dogs by day and blogs by night. Sometimes she takes nice photos but is by no means a professional. Always learning and not afraid to write about it.

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Dinky Dog ClubThe DinkyDogClub blog covers all things related to small dogs, including news, grooming tips, product introductions, and information about various small breed dogs.

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About the blogger(s): Tom Jeffrey is the founder of DinkyDogClub. After welcoming Dunkin, a Havanese mix to his family, Tom headed a local small dog park, only to find the park completely empty. Tom started a Meetup group for fellow small dog owners. He called the Meetup group the DinkyDogClub. After watching the group rapidly grow in numbers, Tom went on to start an online store boutique that caters to small dog owners. Tom, his wife Trish and their two sons now have three small dogs in their lives – Dunkin, DJ and Lola. All three are Havanese / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixes.

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Dak (the Jack)

Dak the JackDak is a Jack Russell Terrier born in late December 2016. He lives in South Arkansas with his family – two parents and two kids. Dak (the Jack) is his tale of his life and his adventures with his family. The blog is written from his perspective and features his thoughts and his adventures. Dak (the Jack) will also feature products he enjoys the most, food and treats he likes, and places he loves to go.

Complete Blog URL: www.dakthejack.com

About the blogger(s): Karen Weido began blogging in 2010 when she began a mommy blog to document her daughter’s life. The blog grew in popularity and became an outlet for numerous product reviews featuring kid and family friendly products. In 2014, Karen began a book review blog dedicated to Christian fiction and non-fiction titles. The blog features two book reviews a week and occasional children’s reviews. Karen and her family live in South Arkansas and enjoy the slow pace of rural life. Their dog, Dak, was born in December 2016 and came to live with them when he was six weeks old. The blog, Dak (the Jack) was started as a way for the family to document their life through the eyes of their new puppy. Karen has a marketing background and enjoys following her friends and favorite brands on social media. You can regularly find her posting from both her personal accounts as well as her blog accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

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Your guide to everything dog! We provide inspiration and thoroughly researched reviews on the coolest dog beds, toys & gear, training, wellness, foods and treats.

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About the blogger(s): Chris is a freelance pet blogger, frequent pet food reviewer and agility enthusiast. As an avid dog lover and proud owner of a Golden Retriever named Bailey he enjoys sharing his extensive research about pet care grooming tips, products, food, health and more to help bring about responsible pet care and ownership.

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Little Bites

Little Bites


Little Bites is a blog that documents adventures of two small dogs in New York City. We cover dog parties, pet fashion shows, unique dog products and lots of other pawsome things.

Complete Blog URL: littlebitesnyc.com

About the blogger(s): Lilly and Lulu’s parents prefer to stay “behind the scenes”, and their role is limited to carrying Lilly and Lulu to various parties, taking great photos and writing posts for this blog.

Pit Friendly Boston

Pit Friendly Boston
Pit Friendly Boston is a website and blog dedicated to finding families with Pit Bulls safe and wonderful homes. There are many stigmas about Pit Bulls and other restricted breeds out there that unfortunately many misinformed people believe to be true. As with anything, you must judge the animal versus the breed. As a pet owner with four dogs, I know there are certain things that will upset my five pound tea-cup Yorkie, and certain things that will upset my forty pound Pit Bull. As a result, and by being a responsible pet owner, I do things to avoid these situations. Pit Friendly Boston shares knowledge about what to do in these situations, ways to keep your home safe, and ways to find an apartment if you find yourself in one of these situations.

Complete Blog URL: www.pitfriendlyboston.com/pit-bull-blog

About the blogger(s): It was all coming together. She was moving to Boston to be with her longtime boyfriend, she landed a dream job, and was finally going to have her first apartment. Until she tried finding apartments that would accept her dog Zoey. Zoey is an amazing 3 year old who loves tanning in the backyard, being off leash, and laying on the couch for hours. Zoey also happens to be a ‘Pit Bull’. Every apartment I contacted denied her, and us, before even meeting her or seeing a picture. She was what they call a ‘pocket pit’ which means she weighs less than 40 pounds. She was cute as could be and loved playing dress up. As a result of this incredibly hard apartment finding process, I created this website and began blogging about Pit Bulls, dogs in general, and how hard it would be to find housing for them. As a general animal lover, I also share my knowledge and experiences I’ve learned along the way.

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The Lab Coach – Coaching Your Labrador to Success

The Lab Coach
Hi! My name is Adam and I run The Lab Coach.

The Lab Coach is a resource for all Lab owners out there to get to know their dog better and develop an even better relationship with them.

Complete Blog URL: thelabcoach.com

About the blogger(s): Adam Baker is a black Labrador owner who decided to start a blog about the subject – simply put!

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Princely Paws

Informative articles on Dog Training and Behavior. Quirky and heart warming stories of a lifetime spent with my Dog – Prince and experiences collected of more than a decade of working with dogs and their humans.

Complete Blog URL: princelypaws.com

About the blogger(s): The articles are written by me, a certified Canine Behaviorist- Trainer & Animal Communicator. Run a pet service brand called Princely Paws for the past 6 years in Mumbai where I provide a plethora of services such as dog training, behavior modification consults, grooming, pet sitting, animal communication. Started blogging only since July 2016.

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