SquidgypigsSquidgypigs is a pet blog documenting the adventures of 14 rescued Guinea Pigs.

There are 14 members of the Squidgypigs led by the ever-so-slightly grumpy matriarch Blondie. Blondie was amongst the original 5 founding Squidgypigs. Blondie along with her sisters Football and Morag, daughter Miley and estranged husband Ned were rescued one night from an advanced stage of neglect; suffering injuries, infections, parasites and due to give birth any day. We made a promise that not only would we nurse them back to health but both them and any babies that survived would have a home for life.

All but one baby made it and now the Squidgypigs with their assorted extra needs (from twisted toes to blindness) live out their days in piggy luxury helping to review Guinea Pig Products.

Primarily a review blog; we have been honoured to be asked to test and review many products from leading pet brands. From the latest food and treat releases to toys, books and even bow ties, we have reviewed nearly everything. Reviews are interspersed by Guinea Pig care guides (covering subjects like nutrition and hot weather care) and explorations into such subjects as “Can Guinea Pigs eat bananas?” and “Can Guinea Pigs swim?”. The Squidgypigs look forward to sharing their views and reviews with you.

Complete Blog URL: www.squidgypigs.com

About the blogger(s): The Squidgypigs are assisted by Bec. Bec is an ex-teacher, musician and poet currently raising two young Guinea Pig obsessed daughters in rural Cornwall.

Blog’s Twitter URL: twitter.com/Squidgypigs

SmallPetSelect Blog

Small-Pet-SelectThis blog is all things rabbit, chinchilla, and guinea pig related. We dive into common questions asked about the behaviour, care, and health of these small pets. Here you will find up-to-date news on topics like Timothy Hay, what your guinea pig, rabbit, and chinchilla can/cannot eat, as well as how to train your guinea pig to do tricks!

Complete Blog URL: smallpetselect.com/category/blog

About the blogger(s): William has had a love for small animals since he was a kid. Later, William started his own family owned business called Small Pet Select because he knew they could provide small animal owners with better quality hay products than what was being sold in the pet stores. “We thought this was worth doing because we knew that when it comes to small animals and their hay, quality really is important. If you give a rabbit or guinea pig poor quality hay, they will most likely pick through it and waste most of it. And because they aren’t eating hay…they are now at risk for all sorts of digestive and dental issues.” The more he dove into this niche, the more he realized how little information there was on some of the foods these animals can and cannot eat as well as numerous other questions from small pet owners out there on the internet that were going unanswered – this is when the blog was made!

Blog’s Twitter URL: twitter.com/smallpetselect

Blog’s Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/SmallPetSelect/

Wheeky Piggy PH

A blog dedicated to my experiences in caring for Freya and Ellie, my two Abyssinian guinea pigs here in the Philippines. Posts include anecdotes, photos, videos, product reviews, and even tips on caring for guinea pigs.

Complete Blog URL: wheekypiggy.ph

About the blogger(s): I am a banker currently working and residing in Metro Manila, Philippines. I have been taking care of guinea pigs since September 2013 and since adopting my first pigs I have devoted my online presence to sharing experiences as well as information on proper guinea pig care.

Pippin D’artagnan the Dire-Hamster

Pippin-toon2A blog detailing the adventures of Syrian Hamsters, Pippin d’Artagnan the Dire-Hamster, and Molly Arya. Pippin is a red eyed ivory short hair male with plenty of attitude and a zest for walnuts. Cuddly and small, he loves to burrow in people’s hair, enjoys a good party and will spend hours and hours making his bed. A typical lazy boy, Pippin is very chilled out and loves nothing more than sitting on a shoulder for a while observing the scenery. Molly is a golden umbrous little girl, named after Molly Weasley, hyperactive and hard to relax with. She is always on the go, is a master of escape, and likes nothing more than searching for bits of food in huge piles of woodshavings. It takes a lot to run off her energy, but we do try hard! We take hundreds of photos and blog at least once a week to give everyone a good idea of what is going on in our funny little hamstery lives. From home-made cages, playpens, balls and ‘free-play’, the blog covers everything from daily life with hamsters, to product reviews, discussions about hamster behaviour, and ways to give hamsters all the stimulation they could possibly require to live happy lives.

Complete Blog URL: pippindartagnan.blogspot.co.uk/

If breed-specific, name of breed: Syrian Hamster

About the blogger(s): My name is Corrie, and I am an experienced blogger who has covered subjects from being a student at university in London, years of knitting and most recently, life with hamsters. With regular posts and passions ranging from animals to reading, drawing to making my own clothes, I have a separate craft blog in which all of the ‘non-hamster’ stuff goes. With a passion for many different things, life is sometimes stretched and the hamsters take priority to ensure they are happy and healthy. Living in London, UK, and making regular excursions across the world (sometimes with hamsters in tow to the more local destinations), I try to make blogging interesting and fun for myself – which in turn translates into the blog itself and should make it an enjoyable read. I love interaction, and having only started Pippin d’Artagnan in the last few months, anticipate that it will grow rapidly over the next period (and will probably include a number of new hamsters that make their way into my life!) At some point, as my own experience grows, I would like to start publishing help for other hamster owners, giveaways, and even more product reviews as the mountain of toys the hamsters have grows.

StaleCheerios– Positive Animal Training


StaleCheerios is all about positive animal training. The blog features stories from Mary’s experience working with her rats and rescue horses, as well as general information about clicker training and positive animal training that is applicable to all species.

Blog Name: StaleCheerios — Positive Animal Training

Complete Blog URL: stalecheerios.com/blog

General category (dog, cat, all, other): other

About the blogger(s): Mary Hunter is a graduate student at the University of North Texas, studying behavior analysis, animal training, and animal behavior.

Blog’s Twitter URL: twitter.com/cheeriotrainer

My Mini Pet Pig

Blog Name: My Mini Pet Pig

Complete Blog URL: myminipetpig.com

General category (dog, cat, all, other): other

If breed-specific blog, name of breed(s): Micro Mini Potbelly Pig

Blog description: This blog chronicles the life of a young mom and her daily adventures with two small kids, two rescued cats and an often amusingly disobedient mini pet pig.

The well written blog entries will make you laugh and keep you waiting for more.

About the blogger(s): A multilingual, animal loving mom of two, Katie has her Master’s Degree in International Relations, lived abroad in Italy for six years and worked for the United Nations before settling down in Rochester, NY with her Italian husband, two kids, two cats and mini pig.

Capybara Madness

Blog Name: Capybara Madness

Complete Blog URL: www.gianthamster.com

General category (dog, cat, all, other): other

Blog description: Subtitled “A Pet Capybara’s View of the World,” this blog is written from the point of view of Garibaldi Rous, a 100 pound giant hamster and a true R.O.U.S.

About the blogger(s): Garibaldi Rous is a Capybara Ambassador and true proponent of capybara awareness. He is also an advocate for all rodents and for environmental issues.

Blog’s Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/RousFoundation

Hutch A Good Life

Blog Name: Hutch A Good Life

Complete Blog URL: www.hutchagoodlife.wordpress.com

General category (dog, cat, all, other): other

Blog description: Four fun loving guinea pigs. Seeing the world from their point of view. Reviewing small furry products, having adventures and great competitions! (If whee do say so ourselves!)

About the blogger(s): Four furry, funny, fun-loving guinea pigs!

Unexpected Hamsters

Blog Name: Unexpected Hamsters

Complete Blog URL: unexpectedhamsters.blogspot.co.uk/

General category (dog, cat, all, other): hamster

Blog description: Journalling my owning, showing, and eventual breeding of hamsters. Posts include all aspects of hamster owning, hints and tips, product reviews and other hamster-related articles as well as about my own hamsters.

About the blogger(s): Kissa is a twenty-something woman from sunny England. She lives with her boyfriend and is an avid lover of animals in general, and hamsters in particular.

Dwarf Hamster Blog

Blog Name: Dwarf Hamster Blog

Complete Blog URL: dwarfhamsterblog.com

General category (dog, cat, all, other): other

Blog description: Dwarf Hamster Blog is a blog dedicated to hamsters, dwarf hamsters, and their owners everywhere. It has information on different species of dwarf hamsters including Russian dwarf hamsters (Winter White and Campbell’s), Roborovski hamsters, and Chinese hamsters.

It includes information for new hamster owners, such as what supplies and accessories to get, a comparison of cage types, and how to tame various species of hamsters. It also includes tips and tricks to care for hamsters and answers common questions such as what to feed your pet hamsters, what fresh foods are safe for them, how to stop your hamster from biting and so on.

Dwarf Hamster Blog also reviews various hamster products so you can choose the best for your pet hamster. Additionally, there are guides on building DIY toys and accessories for your pet hamsters with cheap and easily available material.

For anyone who wants to look at photos of cute hamsters, there are plenty available on the blog. Short videos of dwarf hamsters doing various cute things are also featured periodically.

Finally, the blog also includes a Just for Fun section that features quirky or weird hamster stuff such as hamster-powered gadgets, hamsters in the news, and so on.

About the blogger(s): Dwarf Hamster Blog is run by Sarah, her friends, and all their pet hamsters

Blog’s Twitter URL: twitter.com/dwarfhamster_