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The Walkin’ Pets by HandicappedPets.com blog provides resources and helpful information for pet owners, inspirational pet stories to brighten a day, information about animal rescues and shelters worth shouting about, and discussion about global animal care issues.

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About the blogger(s): Although the blog has occasional guest bloggers, most posts are written by Lisa G. Murray. Lisa has published many articles in pet care magazines, is the author of a nonfiction book about homeless women (under the name Lisa Ferrill), and is currently the Marketing & PR Director of Walkin’ Pets by HandicappedPets.com.



The Petmasters blog contains helpful insight for pet parents direct from industry professionals covering a range of topics including pet wellness, first aid, aging and more.

Complete Blog URL: blog.petmasters.com

About the blogger(s): The bloggers include:

  • Kristin Clark, a Small Animal Naturopath board certified by the American Council of Animal Naturopathy
  • Cara Armour, Certified Pet First Aid and CPR Instructor
  • Melissa Eisenschenk, Veterinary Dermatologist


PBS Pet Travel

PBS Specialist Pet TravelHere at PBS Pet Travel we’re huge pet fans, as are our clients. In order to help our esteemed clients to care for their pets in the best possible way we launched our own pet blog some years ago. Initially the blog started off producing tips on travelling with your pet. Over time, however, that remit has grown in line with what our readers have asked questions about. Since then the blog has grown to be the most popular part of our website, branching out to offer tips on caring for anything from goldfish to tarantulas, snakes to guinea pigs. We aim to publish new pet-related articles each week, with an average of four articles going out per month.

Complete Blog URL: www.pbspettravel.co.uk/blog/

About the blogger(s): PBS Pet Travel is an international pet relocation firm. If you’re looking to transport your pet overseas, either for a vacation or because you’re emigrating, PBS can assist. From booking your pet flights to arranging the necessary documentation and assisting you with questions PBS Pet Travel can help with every aspect of pet travel. We regularly ship pets to/from countries such as Australia, the Middle East and South East Asia. While we’re based in the UK and concentrate on transport to/from the British Isles we’ve shipped pets just about everywhere in the world.

Blog’s Twitter URL: twitter.com/pbspettravel

Pressplay Pets

Pressplay-PetsA blog for the modern age pet parent interested in health & care, news, reviews & personal accounts of unconditional love & at times heartfelt pain of pet parenting!

Complete Blog URL: www.pressplaypets.com

About the blogger(s): Why I started writing.

When my gorgeous pets Morticha and Corey crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2012, I was devastated. I could never have pictured not having them in my life! I could also never have imagined the effect this loss had on many of my family and friends. In memory of my fur-babies I started my blog.

I simply adore animals…I have always had a various array of pets since a very young child. I cannot even think of a time in my life where I did not have a fur or feathered best friend and I could never imagine my life without a pet of some sort in it. I have spent my life (and will continue to do so) surrounding myself with my own pets (and yours if you let me! LOL) and supporting all things animal welfare.

Pressplay Pets has evolved to include articles on health & care, news, reviews & personal accounts of unconditional love & at times heartfelt pain of being a pet parent!

Quite simply my pets are my life and everything pets is my passion.

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Net To Pet Blog

Net-to-PetNet To Pet Blog caters for all things pets! From all things dogs, cats, horse, birds and fish we will give you advice from grain free food to proper dental care for your pet.

Our blog features the newest products available today and our thoughts and reviews on these products helping you decide on the perfect product for your beloved pet.

We regularly feature photos, reviews and information about everything we have found to keep you entertained and full of knowledge!

Complete Blog URL: www.nettopet.com.au/blog/

About the blogger(s): With over 18 years in the pet industry, Net To Pet strives to provide the most up to date information allowing you to provide the best care for your pets!

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Kiringie-MeA community for pet owners and their pets. We promote responsible pet ownership to keep pets in homes and out of shelters.

Complete Blog URL: kiringie.me

About the blogger(s): Multi-pet owner doing her share to reduce the number of abandoned, relinquished and euthanized pets.

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Cutest Animals in the World

Cutest-animals-photoThroughout our website, Cutest Animals in the World, we feature all sorts of multi-media on all the cutest animals on earth. From animal photos to videos of animals doing fun, cute and crazy things, we feature it all!

We are also very active on our social media pages (especially on Instagram!), so be sure follow us on our social media pages as well.

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About the blogger(s): As lovers of animals of all kinds, our website Cutest Animals in the World features an array of the all the cutest animals in the world.

Blog’s Twitter URL: twitter.com/cutestanimalsHQ

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Speak! Good Human.

Speak! Good Human. is a journal featuring quick tips, strategies, and “aha!” moments for those learning to communicate telepathically with animals. All posts are short and to-the-point, making it an easy read for those practicing animal communication to learn about helpful ways they can improve their skills when connecting with dogs, cats, horses, birds, and any other domestic or wild animal species.

Most of the posts feature links to sources for more information and detail. The blog complements the main Speak! Good Human. site which features animals from around the world, submitted by their humans, to help learners practice their psychic communications.

Learning communicators can choose Questions and Answers-style practice, where they can learn basic information about the dog, cat, turtle, horse, bird, or other animal, read questions about them, and practice getting the answers. When they are ready, they can reveal the answers and verify their results. The second method is Freestyle and allows learners to connect with animals and talk about anything and get direct feedback from their humans.

Even those who aren’t learning animal communication can have their animals participate, helping others to practice while getting useful insight into their animals. Those who are participating report that their animals are happier, more confident, and have higher self-esteem because the animals feel they are being heard and are important enough for people all around the world to want to hear what they have to say. The site is free, requires no registration, and is open to anyone.

Complete Blog URL: talktoanimals.weebly.com/speak-the-blog

About the blogger(s): Josh is a learning animal communicator who publishes this blog and site to help others realize their dreams of communicating with animals.

Savvy Pets NYC

Savvy-Pets-NYCSavvy Pets NYC gives pet lovers tips, pet DIY crafts, news, reviews freebies, pet adoption, brands and more.

Complete Blog URL: www.savvypetsnyc.com

About the blogger(s): Francisca Ramos is owner of Savvy Pets NYC.  Savvy Pets NYC was created to educate others on safety, care and information for your pet.  Know the tips to what is better for your pet.

Blog’s Twitter URL: twitter.com/savvypetsnyc

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Critter Corner

image 6Critter Corner is a blog full of small animal information for any critter owner or enthusiast. This blog also
features the interesting(and often humorous) adventures of the pets – Daisy and Lily the resident house rabbits, Iggy the pet guinea pig, Mickey the dwarf hamster, and Minnie the dog, a rat terrier/beagle mix. (We also have two hermit crabs, but they don’t say much!) The blog answers lots of questions our fellow pet lovers have to ask, and we have been featured on several websites and blogs before.

Complete Blog URL: http://naturegirlscrittercorner.blogspot.com

What’s your favorite pet tip that you would like to share with fellow pet lovers? There are lots of tips I could share, but the most simple and general one is this: You don’t need to buy millions of stuff for your pet to spoil them. If you give your pet love and attention as a member of the family, that’s all they really want from you. We do spoil our pets a lot with new toys and accessories, but they are truly spoiled through the love they give them. They don’t always give things in return, but we don’t mind. We love our pets!

About the blogger(s): I am a country mom who loves her pets, kids and husband.