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DSC07777Blog Name: Cello’s Corner

Complete Blog URL: www.celloscorner.com

General category (dog, cat, all, other): dog

If breed-specific blog, name of breed(s): German Shorthaired Pointer

Blog description: The purpose of this blog is to share with the world the adventures of our German Shorthaired Pointer, Cello. Cello has been with us for 2.5 years. Cello was supposed to be a hunting dog, but was gun-shy, and considered not desirable. Cello’s Corner shares all of Cello’s Adventures, daily life, hiking expeditions, camping trips, sight-seeing tales, and stories and pictures of Cello’s Cabin restoration. The blog also includes recipes for safe, homemade dog treats, made fresh in Cello’s Cucina.

This blog is also helpful for campers, hikers, and adventurers to show just how many dog friendly places there are out there. Vacations are planned with Cello in mind, and all camping and day trips are devised around dog-friendly places and events – Cello is never left behind! Cello has been to many campgrounds, hiking trails, eating establishments, national parks, and landmarks, all of which are documented in her blog…so come visit, stay a while, and “hang out” on Cello’s Corner!

What’s your favorite pet tip that you would like to share with fellow pet lovers?: Treat your pet as family…take the time to love them, feed them right, spend time with them, include them in your daily exercise, and vacations, and be thankful that you are lucky enough to be loved unconditionally by your pet!

About the blogger(s): I live in Southern New Jersey in a historic log cabin on a lake within a historic log cabin community. I live with my husband, Brian, my amazing GSP, Cello, and our cat, Loki. My interests include dogs,camping, hiking, log home restoration, photography, and baking dog treats.

Blog’s Twitter URL: twitter.com/CellosCorner

Blog’s Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/CellosCorner

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