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image 6Critter Corner is a blog full of small animal information for any critter owner or enthusiast. This blog also
features the interesting(and often humorous) adventures of the pets – Daisy and Lily the resident house rabbits, Iggy the pet guinea pig, Mickey the dwarf hamster, and Minnie the dog, a rat terrier/beagle mix. (We also have two hermit crabs, but they don’t say much!) The blog answers lots of questions our fellow pet lovers have to ask, and we have been featured on several websites and blogs before.

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What’s your favorite pet tip that you would like to share with fellow pet lovers? There are lots of tips I could share, but the most simple and general one is this: You don’t need to buy millions of stuff for your pet to spoil them. If you give your pet love and attention as a member of the family, that’s all they really want from you. We do spoil our pets a lot with new toys and accessories, but they are truly spoiled through the love they give them. They don’t always give things in return, but we don’t mind. We love our pets!

About the blogger(s): I am a country mom who loves her pets, kids and husband.

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