Dinky Dog ClubThe DinkyDogClub blog covers all things related to small dogs, including news, grooming tips, product introductions, and information about various small breed dogs.

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About the blogger(s): Tom Jeffrey is the founder of DinkyDogClub. After welcoming Dunkin, a Havanese mix to his family, Tom headed a local small dog park, only to find the park completely empty. Tom started a Meetup group for fellow small dog owners. He called the Meetup group the DinkyDogClub. After watching the group rapidly grow in numbers, Tom went on to start an online store boutique that caters to small dog owners. Tom, his wife Trish and their two sons now have three small dogs in their lives – Dunkin, DJ and Lola. All three are Havanese / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixes.

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