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Dog VideosThe Dog Videos blog started with an idea to bring people the best selection of dog videos with funny and cute dogs and puppies, training and health tips, dog care and nutrition. This way we shared selected youtube videos in our posts beside the text and information. Do you wanna see the best puppy training videos, the funniest videos of dogs and cats together, or dog movie trailers? You don’t have to look for them on your own, simply go to our posts and choose what you like to see. The other purpose of the blog is to bring valuable information about dog topics like health, nutrition, and dog training.

We regularly post interesting interviews with dog people and we have a complete list of dog movies and TV series for you. Readers can send and share their dog’s videos too, thanks to the Dog video of the week section. We prefer a relationship between dogs and their owners based on a mutual communication and respect, a training methods based only on a positive reinforcement, and healthy, natural dog care and nutrition without unnecessary chemicals. These are the values we are happy to write about. Hope you would like it 🙂

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About the blogger(s): Currently the blog is in the hands of blogger beginner Sandra as well as in the paws of Kapi, the Belgian Sheepdog.

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