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Dog Walkers MelbourneI am an Aussie dog walker and this blog looks at all of the things that occur on our daily dog walk adventures. We do mostly off lead dog walking with almost any breed. The dogs enjoy their freedom but within safe limits. Recall is always an issue so is understanding what level dogs can play at, and how socialized approaching dogs really are. I have been professionally dog walking for 6 years now as well as doing pet sits, and almost every day something surprising happens. It’s great to walk dogs in nice weather, but we do all forms of weather except for thunder storms and extreme heat. Almost every walking aspect about dogs is explored at some stage throughout the blogs.

One of the most amazing things is learning what it is to be truly social from my own dog that gets two major walks off lead per day. I have read so much literature, but nothing beats being fully engaged with your pack and learning from how they relate to each other. I would love to syndicate my work one day, but that’s up to the readers to choose and let me know about.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I do walking dogs and reporting on it!

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About the blogger(s): Hi – I am Bruce Dwyer, a Melbourne Australia Pro Dog Walker. THIS is my day job, and the blog explores the mini adventures I have each week of the year!

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