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Blog description: Dwarf Hamster Blog is a blog dedicated to hamsters, dwarf hamsters, and their owners everywhere. It has information on different species of dwarf hamsters including Russian dwarf hamsters (Winter White and Campbell’s), Roborovski hamsters, and Chinese hamsters.

It includes information for new hamster owners, such as what supplies and accessories to get, a comparison of cage types, and how to tame various species of hamsters. It also includes tips and tricks to care for hamsters and answers common questions such as what to feed your pet hamsters, what fresh foods are safe for them, how to stop your hamster from biting and so on.

Dwarf Hamster Blog also reviews various hamster products so you can choose the best for your pet hamster. Additionally, there are guides on building DIY toys and accessories for your pet hamsters with cheap and easily available material.

For anyone who wants to look at photos of cute hamsters, there are plenty available on the blog. Short videos of dwarf hamsters doing various cute things are also featured periodically.

Finally, the blog also includes a Just for Fun section that features quirky or weird hamster stuff such as hamster-powered gadgets, hamsters in the news, and so on.

About the blogger(s): Dwarf Hamster Blog is run by Sarah, her friends, and all their pet hamsters

Blog’s Twitter URL: twitter.com/dwarfhamster_

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