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Blog description: With a special focus on travel, adventure, and training, the EzyDog blog is for anyone who loves to take their dog with them – be it camping, hiking, boating, or on a fabulous trip to San Diego, New York City, Argentina, or Paris.

The blog will feature one to two posts per week about dog travel, training, and adventure. Topics will include train travel, air travel, boat travel, dog-friendly hotels, dog training tips, holiday survival tips, pet-friendly things to do in popular cities, tips for keeping your dog safe and happy while adventuring, and more.

The blog also plans on featuring guest posts and interviews from savvy dog travelers and adventurers around the world, tips from readers (also around the world), and photos of dogs doing awesome things (yet again, around the world).

And if you have a question about dog travel, adventure, or training, this blogger would love to hear from you! It’s EzyDog’s goal to be as relevant and helpful as possible – and that means answering your most pressing questions and addressing the hot topics of the day.

The blog is written by John Hatcher and the EzyDog team, but will also feature content from thought leaders around the web.

Please stop by today and get your dog adventure fix, send us your burning pet travel questions, or just check out some really cute pictures of dogs.

About the blogger(s): John Hatcher is a dog lover, outdoor enthusiast, and world traveler. In 2003, he started EzyDog—a company that makes products for active dogs and their owners. He lives in Sandpoint, Idaho with his wife and Vizsla mix and spends as much time outside as possible.

Blog’s Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/EzyDog

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