Is there a charge to be included in the Pet Blog Directory?

No. Listings are free of charge.

Are links follow links?

No, all external links in the Pet Blog Directory are nofollow links.

What type of blogs are included in the directory?

Only pet-related blogs can be included in the Pet Blog Directory. These can be dog-, cat-, or other pet-focused blogs. Blogs can be of any size or age. Corporate pet blogs can be included as well (please link directly to the blog URL rather than the site home page.)

What pet blogs are excluded from the directory?

We cannot list any blog or website that sells pets online or promotes any type of activity the publishers find offensive.

What if my site includes more than one blog?

We understand that some corporate sites include multiple blogs; you may make a separate listing for each blog, linking to that blog’s home page rather than the corporate home page.

What if I don’t have a logo?

If you don’t have a logo, you can submit a screenprint of your home page (or we can make one).

What if I need to change my listing? Can I update my listing?

If you need to make a future change, please email editors@dogtipper.com and include your new text as well as the URL of your directory listing.


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