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two-black-cats_smallThis is a pet owners blog devoted to the health care, fitness, general habits and behavior of cats and kittens. Cat ownership is very popular in the world we live in and owners regard these very popular pets as household companions worthy of their love and affection and this blog has been created to provide useful reference material to them to assist them with pet care. Articles are published in it on a regular basis relating to the above mentioned topics and I invite comments and general interaction with my readers who are also invited to subscribe to my blog. The blog also contains sections where readers can purchase good quality pet care products and review articles are submitted periodically describing the benefits that cat owners can receive from purchasing the specific products reviewed. Readers can also benefit from watching highly relevant external source videos relating to the topics published in my blog.

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About the blogger(s): My name is James Kelly and I am the Fit Cats blog owner. I am a retired pensioner living in Perth, Western Australia. My wife and I have been cat owners over a span of 30 years and in that time we have had the pleasure of owning 3 cats as well as as several others ‘loaned’ to us by our sons and daughters and neighbors cats who regarded our house as theirs!! My experience in cat care over this period led to my decision in creating this blog.

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