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Blog description: All about the ways to have fun and exercise with your dog. We discuss health issues that exercise combats, like obesity and joint disease, and solutions to the challenges of keeping Fido active. We believe in the dog treadmill as an exercise tool in many situations. We don’t know it all, and welcome your input. Join us!

About the blogger(s): Kathleen Scott is the owner of Canine Treadmill Depot, offering a one-stop shop of the top brands of dog treadmills and treadwheels. She volunteers at a Humane Society shelter once a week and has owned rescued dogs her whole life. Her dog, Drake, writes a guest blog occasionally. Contributors include: Hannah, who lives in Colorado with her yellow Lab mix, Polar; Dimitri, who lives in Pennsylvania with his family and two dogs, Chewbacka and Elfie; and Henry, who lives in New Jersey with his wife and Dobie/Dalmation mix, Caesar.

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