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Healthy Dog TreatsI can’t deny that I sell Healthy Dog Treats but by day I am a dog walker and I hold genuine dog health to be my main goal. That means that this blog is all about understanding what is good for a dog (meat and offal) and what is not, lots of grain and veggies. We use statistics and data tables as well as general discussions about types of dog treats, types of meats, offal and bones etc. I, Bruce Dwyer created this Healthy Dog Treat Shop BLOG to get the message across to owners who only feed their dogs manufactured dog food and cheap supermarket grain filled treats. I gained all of the required research & analysis skills required to understand nutritional tables from my original career in engineering and we look at essential amino acid profiles beyond what most supposed canine nutritional experts understand. If you want to know more about what might really be best for your dog, not just what corporations try and sell you, then this is the place.

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About the blogger(s): A dog walker by day, making sure that not just my own dog and my dog pack get the best health.

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