Hufflepup chronicles the life and adventures of an older rescue dog as he learns how to be a dog with a forever family. He came home with us around the age of 6 or 7, with a spotty medical history, and has been coming out of his shell very slowly: enjoying dog treats, hoarding stuffed and squeaky toys, and demanding back scratches.

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About the blogger(s): The dogparents have varying levels of experience with pets. Dogmama has had rescues of all shapes and sizes for 23 years and counting, and has worked with four-legged critters most of her life. This is the first time we’ve adopted a much older rescue and we may never go back to the young’uns (on purpose, anyway). HufflePup goes by many names, and responds to none of them. He communicates mostly in huffling and huffy sounds rather than the usual barking, whining, or other normal doglike sounds; we’re learning what those mean just as much as he’s learning what we mean by our weird human noises. We’ll always be grateful to the organizations that had a hand in saving him so that he could come home with us and do our best to give back, while giving him the best home possible.

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