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Blog Name: I Love Rescue Animals

Complete Blog URL: http://iloverescueanimals.org/the-blog/

General category: All Pets

Blog description: We are dedicated to celebrating rescued animals, supporting shelters, rescues and animal rights groups and to animal welfare worldwide. We seek to raise awareness within our communities and to work towards a future where all animal owners are responsible and we no longer have to make the choice to put down otherwise adoptable animals simply due to a lack of space and resources. We also strongly believe in spaying and neutering your animals to help reduce the number of homeless animals.

About the blogger(s): Ashley Niels and Nikki Jeske reside in Austin, TX with their ever-changing menagerie of rescued animals. Both have a great passion for animals and hope to inspire others to do what they can to help animals in need through their blog, twitter & Facebook account. When they aren’t working or blogging, they can often be found caring for local feral cat colonies or rescuing the strays that always seem to find them.

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