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hobieindex2Blog Name: k2k9 K.S. Mueller’s blog

Complete Blog URL: www.k2k9.blogspot.com

General category (dog, cat, all, other): all

Blog description: Muses, essays and photographs about the daily life of the dogs and cats in the Mueller household, both past and present (and maybe, future!).

What’s your favorite pet tip that you would like to share with fellow pet lovers?: Make sure your dog gets enough exercise, a tired dog is a good dog, and will keep him/her out of trouble.

About the blogger(s): K.S. Mueller writes essays about dogs, cats and other topics in her spare time from her real job as a travel and tourism executive. She also likes to take a lot of photos!

Blog’s Twitter URL: twitter.com/k2k9

Blog’s Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/k2k9dogs

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