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Blog Name: KD Mathews Bark Blog

Complete Blog URL: www.kdmathews.com

General category (dog, cat, all, other): dog

Blog description: Former dog trainer and current human trainer, KD “The Professor” Mathews shares his unique approach to improving the relationships between people and their dogs. With a very specific focus on teaching people everything they need to bridge the gap between human and canine communication, KD’s blog combines his love and accomplishments in dog training with his years of teaching and adult education experience. His blog covers obedience, canine behavior, and current events and topics in the dog world.

About the blogger(s): KD Mathews has been involved in the world of dog training and behavior since 1995. Much like the majority of dog owners out there, KD was NOT a natural and has spent years learning the theories and best practices of training dogs and understanding their behavior. He combines these experiences with his years of being a professional educator and trainer to create a learning environment that caters to the everyday dog owner. It is his ability to communicate with humans that has helped him to influence the dog-human bonds of people everywhere.

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