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Kelley's-Dog-BlogKelley’s Dog Blog follows the life of a semi-crazy dog lady and her slightly irregular pets. It’s filled with crazy dog stories, German shepherd info, training tips, product reviews and fun photos. Kelley shares the good, the bad and the “Oh no you didn’t!” with a slightly twisted sense of humor.

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What’s your favorite pet tip that you would like to share with fellow pet lovers?: Dogs are not “little people in fur coats.” To think so is a disservice to dogs!! Instead, they are wonderful beings with their own distinct thought processes, feelings, drives, motivations and priorities – sometimes contrary to ours. Despite this, our dogs willingly go against their nature to please us. We should stop treating our dogs as people and celebrate their doggie-ness.

About the blogger(s): Kelley is a wife, mother, dog (and cat) lover, animal control officer and active member of the dog community in Northeast Florida. She shares her knowledge about dogs, animal laws and pet friendly activities. She recently got a new puppy and is trying to fulfill her lifelong dream of showing German shepherds. She candidly shares the joys and frustrations of trying to do it all.

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