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Blog description: Follow along with Lulu the Beagle, Galadriel the cat and their crazy parent, Christie, as they navigate through the sometimes confusing world of pet ownership. From places we love to products we enjoy to lessons learned, we hope our experiences – both good and bad — will help other pet parents make good decisions for their pets.

About the blogger(s): Christie Zizo is an Orlando, FL-based writer. For years she was happy being one cat short of being a crazy cat lady (she thinks three is the magic number). Then her childhood friend, Koko, crossed the rainbow bridge. And then, a few months later, someone invaded her world by breaking into her apartment (Galadriel the cat is still traumatized). Christie figured she would borrow her parents’ Beagle, Lulu, to help her feel a little safer until she moved. But Lulu moved into her heart instead. Now Christie blogs about life in Orlando and the dog’s life in general on Lulu’s behalf (being a Beagle, she’s a bit ADHD). Galadriel also guests blogs from time to time. Being a street cat-turned-pampered pet, she’s a bit spoiled. And being a senior kitty, she can be a bit grouchy. She didn’t like when the bad men came into her apartment – but she’s not a big fan of the dog either. So every once in a while she takes to the keyboard and vents her frustration. When Christie is not blogging, she is a web editor at a local TV news station.

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