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If breed-specific blog, name of breed(s): Boston Terrier/Boxer Mix

Blog description: Life with Duke is our journey adopting our first dog. Duke, our one and a half year old Boston Terrier/Boxer mix, was a rescue dog. We brought him into our home in July 2013. The blog follows our day to day lives with Duke. We share “Duke’s Favorite Places” which include dog parks, adventures, and dog-friendly stores we visit in the New England area. When we first got Duke, I had a hard time finding dog-friendly places to take him, so we list all the places we’ve found as a resource for others. Currently, all these spots are in New England. However, as we travel the country and take Duke with us, our suggestions will broaden! Life with Duke is also our place to ask for advice being first time dog owners. Whether it is about leashes, medical concerns, or just toy suggestions, we love getting all the advice we can from more experienced dog owners.

What’s your favorite pet tip that you would like to share with fellow pet lovers?: Spend the time to research dog friendly shops and spots before you venture to a new area. Whether it is for a day trip, weekend getaway, or full blown vacation, your dog can often join if you do some research. Bringing your pets makes the experience much more enjoyable and no one has to be left behind at home!

About the blogger(s): Life with Duke is published by Jess and Sam, Duke’s adoptive parents. Jess writes the content and Sam contributes as the photographer. We are a twenty-something couple who had been looking for a pup to add to our family for about a year before we met Duke. Jess is a teacher and Sam works for a large technology company. Together, we spend our weekends traveling around New England and relaxing with Duke.

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