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If breed-specific blog, name of breed(s): Maltese

Blog description: Maltese Maniac: Your #1 Resource For Everything Maltese Dog. Do you love the Maltese dog breed? Find solutions to your problems and discover fun and important facts about Maltese puppies and Maltese dogs. Join our community and create your own web page for your Maltese. A fun resource and a great way to meetup and exchange experiences with other Maltese dog owners.

About the blogger(s): I’m in love with the Maltese dog breed and so is my husband! We adopted our first Maltese in July of 2004 and a Maltese Poodle mix a few years later. I’m a big fan of Maltese dog rescues and love to spoil my two pups, so I created a site to learn and connect with Maltese dog lovers.

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