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Blog description: Milo’s blog is a collection of photos, stories and general tips from a ‘new at this whole marriage and puppy thing’ couple Josh and Nina. Milo lives in Suffolk and lives a fairly adventurous British life in the countryside and by the beach. Milo spends lots of time with his friend Phoebe, a 3 year old black Labrador. They enjoy walks, treats, and games with squeaky toys- it’s a hard life! You’ll also find some training tips from Nina as she teaches Milo various commands and tricks- with lots of mistakes and funny stories thrown in too. Milo is also on Twitter and is part of the #SchnauzerGang community.

About the blogger(s): Josh and Nina are a newly married couple living in Suffolk. Josh never liked dogs as a child, but Nina convinced him to give the whole puppy thing a go. So, in July 2012 Milo was welcomed into the family and a blog was started due to popular demand! Josh and Nina chose to have a Miniature Schnauzer due to their temperament and, as Josh puts it, ‘the way they look like grumpy old men’. Lovely. So take a look at Milo’s blog to see parts of his story, and advice from Josh and Nina, as they enter the world of being slaves to a cheeky, confident puppy dog!

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