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Blog description: The purpose of this blog is to help dogs by educating people. We have learned so much about how dogs think and learn over the past decade but there are many people who still haven’t heard the good news. The science-based proven best way to train animals (not just dogs) is with positive reinforcement and negative punishment. The old dominance and compulsion training methods using fear, force or pain have been proven to be less effective and even harmful to the human/canine bond. We are trying to get the message out through all the noise of local “traditional” trainers and the TV stars.

What’s your favorite pet tip that you would like to share with fellow pet lovers?: Training should be fun for you and your dog. You never need to use fear, force or pain. Positive reinforcement has been determined by study after study to be the fastest, most effective and humane way to teach your dog the behaviors you want and strengthen the human/canine bond.

About the blogger(s): Linda Trunell is an accredited pet dog trainer and member of The Pet Professional Guild. She teaches people and their dogs how to communicate and live together as loving companions.

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