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Blog description: My Rotten Dogs is about the day to day lives of three northern breed mixes/wolfdogs. It focuses on raw feeding, health, various product reviews, training, rescue and various topics pertaining to dog ownership. Occasional giveaways, sponsored by the blogger, occur. Recipes for homemade treats, treat reviews, and blog hops are also found.

When focusing on the blogger’s personal animals, posts and photos about Neeko (a local celebrity and “diva”), Bruce (a big “jerk”), and Faolan (a little “cutie”) are typically light-hearted and fun, though touchier subjects and difficulties that dog owners face are also discussed.

Dog friendly Indianapolis area events and locations are featured in this blog, as well as Indiana and national rescue groups and shelters.

My Rotten Dogs does monthly reviews of both BarkBox and Petflow’s Spoiled Rotten Box, which are subscription boxes containing various treats, toys, chews and dog care items aimed at dogs and their owners.

Other reviews on this blog include various treats, premade/dehydrated raw foods, various household cleaning items that come in handy to dog owners, training tools, supplements for dogs, general dog care items, and dog gear such as harnesses, collars and leashes.

This is a non-confrontational blog, and while it does occasionally broach touchy subjects, it does not come across as offensive or judgmental.

What’s your favorite pet tip that you would like to share with fellow pet lovers?: Dogs do not feel spite, and if you love them, show them.

About the blogger(s): Rebekah is a 30-something registered nurse living in central Indiana. She is a big proponent of animal welfare, and a supporter of rescue. She is the caregiver to three northern breed mixes/wolfdogs, two of which are rescues. Passionate about canine (and human) nutrition, her interests include raw-feeding, canine behavior (and overall well-being), and new, fun dog products.

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