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Blog description: The Only Natural Pet Store Blog is your source for safe, all-natural pet care. Covering a variety of topics, including natural flea control, natural raw food, holistic care, vitamins & supplements, sustainable pet care, and so much more, we’re dedicated to supplying you with the best natural pet advice available. Lead by our holistic vet Dr. Jean Hofve and our knowledgeable staff, we offer posts in a variety of categories: News from Dr. Jean gives you expert advice on natural remedies and nutrition for dogs & cats dealing with a variety of conditions; The PAWprint Chronicles keep you up to date on the greenest trends in sustainable pet care; Tessa’s Tail is our inspiring story of how to tackle pet weight loss the safe and natural way; plus we’re always introducing new products, guest bloggers, pet care tips and so much more! We’ve made natural pet care our focus and our lives for over 7 years. So when you need a natural flea remedy because the chemical spot ons just aren’t safe, or you want to try a new, natural food because your brand has just been recalled again, make sure the Only Natural Pet Store Blog is your first stop.

About the blogger(s): Only Natural Pet Store is the leading online retailer of all natural pet food, treats, supplements, toys, natural flea control, and so much more. We have a dedicated staff of pet lovers who do their homework so you don’t have to. This includes researching ingredients, consulting manufacturers, visiting trade shows, and caring for our pets; if it’s not safe for them, we won’t sell it. The Only Natural Pet Store Blog is headed by our Veterinary Board of Advisors, including the celebrated holistic vet Dr. Jean Hofve. Other contributors include our staff of educated, informed nutritional consultants who are always up to date on the latest research and advancements concerning the health of our furry friends.

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