Our Bumble

Mac'nToshWoof cool dudes! We are Mac ‘n Tosh two mini Dachshunds twins on a doggy adventure around Europe.

Every day we travel to a new pad, smell new stuff and find new places to walk. Our mummy & daddy take us everywhere and this year we even got to climb the daring Pulpits Rock in Norway and see a real live glacier. We blog every day and post new stuff on our website. We love doing videos and attending photo shoots! We also tell everyone about the boring stuff that you need know in order to travel around Europe like all the nasty jabs and pills. Each time we go to a new country we way up the place and if it’s good for dogs, we tell ya!

The downside to living in a motorhome is we have chores to do! Mac is the chief floor licker & keep us warm cuddler. Tosh is the dynamic digger and toasty foot warmer.

Complete Blog URL: ourbumble.com

About the blogger(s): We are two ordinary people who had a dream of travelling the world. The dream often coincided with talks of our retirement plans or whenever we got chatting about spending more time together, enjoying a stress free life, doing things we’d always dreamed of, etc. You know the kind of things we are talking about, right? Well, one day in 2013 we’d had enough, decided life was too short and took the plunge to live our dream. We packed up and set off with our dogs, our best friends who make us smile every day.

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