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PBS Specialist Pet TravelHere at PBS Pet Travel we’re huge pet fans, as are our clients. In order to help our esteemed clients to care for their pets in the best possible way we launched our own pet blog some years ago. Initially the blog started off producing tips on travelling with your pet. Over time, however, that remit has grown in line with what our readers have asked questions about. Since then the blog has grown to be the most popular part of our website, branching out to offer tips on caring for anything from goldfish to tarantulas, snakes to guinea pigs. We aim to publish new pet-related articles each week, with an average of four articles going out per month.

Complete Blog URL: www.pbspettravel.co.uk/blog/

About the blogger(s): PBS Pet Travel is an international pet relocation firm. If you’re looking to transport your pet overseas, either for a vacation or because you’re emigrating, PBS can assist. From booking your pet flights to arranging the necessary documentation and assisting you with questions PBS Pet Travel can help with every aspect of pet travel. We regularly ship pets to/from countries such as Australia, the Middle East and South East Asia. While we’re based in the UK and concentrate on transport to/from the British Isles we’ve shipped pets just about everywhere in the world.

Blog’s Twitter URL: twitter.com/pbspettravel

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