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Pet Care Facts aims to help dog and cat owners take better care of their furry friends.

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About the blogger(s): Pet Care Facts is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive collection of articles about dogs and cats, including topics such as health, training, behavior, and breed history. Our growing collection of posts and articles is well-researched, and professionally written. Pet Care Facts is a premier destinations for dog and cat lovers, to learn more about the wants and needs of their four-legged companions. When possible we reach out to authors, professionals, and enthusiasts to improve our content offering, and make Pet Care Facts into a must-read blog for all animal lovers.

In addition to the informative and in-depth articles about dogs, cats, and our highly detailed breed articles, we try to keep things fun and interesting by offering not only educational work, but also writing which is fun and entertaining. We have selected to cover the most popular pets (cats and dogs) in order to serve a wide audience, and have limited our work to these two pets in order to be able to give proper attention to the work we do, and the information we provide. Our love of dogs and cats is evident in our work, and we hope that our visitors see and appreciate the resource which we have created.

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