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Blog description: This Blog covers a variety of topics in the news. Pet health, tips, saving money on pet care, animal rights, cruelty free cosmetics and other products. If you are an animal lover, you will find something of interest here. The design is unique and draws you in. Good use of photos and videos. The content is useful and original. This blog links to many other interesting sites. While this blog is relatively new, I look forward to watching it grow. I am sure I will learn a lot along the way. Make sure you check out the “A True Story” page for a different perspective.

About the blogger(s): The blogger was born in Queens, NY where she grew up and became a ballerina. After her dance career, she focused on her lifelong love of animals and became an Animal Health Tech. She started teaching at the Animal Medical Center and then moved on to managing a 24 hour Emergency Animal Hospital. After moving to PA she went back to school to continue her education and became a Registered Nurse. She is an animal advocate determined to make a difference to as many animals as she can. Her diverse experiences are apparent in her blog posts. There are big plans for this blog so keep checking back as her plans are unveiled bit by bit.

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