Pit Friendly Boston

Pit Friendly Boston
Pit Friendly Boston is a website and blog dedicated to finding families with Pit Bulls safe and wonderful homes. There are many stigmas about Pit Bulls and other restricted breeds out there that unfortunately many misinformed people believe to be true. As with anything, you must judge the animal versus the breed. As a pet owner with four dogs, I know there are certain things that will upset my five pound tea-cup Yorkie, and certain things that will upset my forty pound Pit Bull. As a result, and by being a responsible pet owner, I do things to avoid these situations. Pit Friendly Boston shares knowledge about what to do in these situations, ways to keep your home safe, and ways to find an apartment if you find yourself in one of these situations.

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About the blogger(s): It was all coming together. She was moving to Boston to be with her longtime boyfriend, she landed a dream job, and was finally going to have her first apartment. Until she tried finding apartments that would accept her dog Zoey. Zoey is an amazing 3 year old who loves tanning in the backyard, being off leash, and laying on the couch for hours. Zoey also happens to be a ‘Pit Bull’. Every apartment I contacted denied her, and us, before even meeting her or seeing a picture. She was what they call a ‘pocket pit’ which means she weighs less than 40 pounds. She was cute as could be and loved playing dress up. As a result of this incredibly hard apartment finding process, I created this website and began blogging about Pit Bulls, dogs in general, and how hard it would be to find housing for them. As a general animal lover, I also share my knowledge and experiences I’ve learned along the way.

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