Blog Name: PupLove

Complete Blog URL: http://puplove.ca

General category: Dogs

Blog description: Dog training tips, pet product reviews, adoptable dogs, and tales of life with Jack.

About the blogger(s): AJ McDowell is a 28-year-old web and graphics designer based in Toronto, Ontario. She built her first website using MS Paint and a text editor in 1999 and has since accumulated nearly ten years of professional experience. Her tools of the trade include a MacBook, the Adobe Creative Suite, and that same handy text editor from 1999.

An avid dog enthusiast, AJ first started working with dogs at a local rescue shelter at the age of 15 and is currently training to become a professional dog trainer. She recently launched a blog called PupLove.ca in which she features adoptable dogs, training tips, and pet products that she reviews with the help of her 8-month old Mastiff mix, Jack.

Blog’s Twitter URL: http://twitter.com/puploveca

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