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Blog description: Celebrating happy, healthy pups and a cleaner, greener earth! Pup’s Place is a blog about living an eco-friendly lifestyle with your dogs. Many people strive to live a greener lifestyle by recycling, choosing energy efficient appliances and opting for eco-friendly cleaning products but what about when it comes to the pets in your life. Have you ever stopped to think about the environmental effects of dog toys or other pet products? What about the plastics and dyes used in pet toys, what is your dog really chewing on and is it safe? The blog blog.pupsplace.com features environmentally sustainable pet products, pet safety articles, training tips and fun pet stories to help you raise a healthy dog with minimal environmental impact. This blog covers a variety of educational topics including choosing pet safe cleaning products, what to do if you find a stray dog, how to make homemade dog treats, the best eco-friendly dog toys for every occasion (including gifts!) and much more. Your dog is part of the family and deserves the same high quality, safe products that you demand for yourself and the rest of your family so follow blog.pupsplace.com to help you find your way through the Green pet scene.

About the blogger(s): Laurie Morse-Dell started Pup’s Place in an effort to create happy pups with green paws. She combined her passions for a cleaner planet and healthier dogs to finally build on her entrepreneurial spirit of educating others on the importance of helping your dog live a greener life. She searches far and wide to find the best products for your dog from companies with a commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly, non-toxic pet products. Laurie’s inspiration for creating awareness in the pet product market comes from her two beloved rescue mutts Emi and Luca that call all the shots in her life.

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