Rascal and Rocco

Blog Name: Rascal and Rocco

Complete Blog URL: rascalandrocco.com

General category (dog, cat, all, other): cat

Blog description: The hilarious chronicles of two cat brothers, Rascal and Rocco. These two are the clumsiest most obnoxious cats ever. See what mischief they are up to and enjoy great pics, funny stories, and even tips from the cat’s themselves.

About the blogger(s): Leah Mastilock is an artist, writer, mother of two small kids, and animal and nature lover. She writes to get all the crazy stuff out of her head and to share her passions with the world!

Blog’s Twitter URL: twitter.com/rascalandrocco

Blog’s Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/rascalandrocco

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