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Blog description: This recently-started blog follows the adventures of a one-year-old, red-and-white, brilliant-but-reactive Border Collie/Jack Russell mix named Arco Ruby Pearl. Ruby was rescued in August 2013 from a high-kill shelter in Arkansas and transported to Colorado where she lived in a foster home until her adoption. Having just lost my two fourteen year old dogs within ten days of one another, it was important that I welcome another four-footed friend into my life.

Ruby has proven to be both delightful and challenging, requiring me to learn everything I can about dog body language, behavior and training. In three months we have become very attached to one another and I enjoy chronicling our progress with Rubicon Days. Ruby knows or is working on around twenty-five commands and we have hopes of one day participating in agility or flyball. The blog includes photos, a training diary, product reviews and general updates with a focus on positive reinforcement training methods. Anyone interested in this particular mix, herding breeds, Terriers, fearful or reactive dogs, traveling with dogs in Colorado or building a relationship with a newly-adopted shelter or rescue dog might find this blog to their liking.

What’s your favorite pet tip that you would like to share with fellow pet lovers?: Every animal is an individual.

About the blogger(s): I live in Colorado with my dog, cat and two retired horses. My interests include running, biking, cooking, reading, poetry and dogs.

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