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Small-Pet-SelectThis blog is all things rabbit, chinchilla, and guinea pig related. We dive into common questions asked about the behaviour, care, and health of these small pets. Here you will find up-to-date news on topics like Timothy Hay, what your guinea pig, rabbit, and chinchilla can/cannot eat, as well as how to train your guinea pig to do tricks!

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About the blogger(s): William has had a love for small animals since he was a kid. Later, William started his own family owned business called Small Pet Select because he knew they could provide small animal owners with better quality hay products than what was being sold in the pet stores. “We thought this was worth doing because we knew that when it comes to small animals and their hay, quality really is important. If you give a rabbit or guinea pig poor quality hay, they will most likely pick through it and waste most of it. And because they aren’t eating hay…they are now at risk for all sorts of digestive and dental issues.” The more he dove into this niche, the more he realized how little information there was on some of the foods these animals can and cannot eat as well as numerous other questions from small pet owners out there on the internet that were going unanswered – this is when the blog was made!

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