SquidgypigsSquidgypigs is a pet blog documenting the adventures of 14 rescued Guinea Pigs.

There are 14 members of the Squidgypigs led by the ever-so-slightly grumpy matriarch Blondie. Blondie was amongst the original 5 founding Squidgypigs. Blondie along with her sisters Football and Morag, daughter Miley and estranged husband Ned were rescued one night from an advanced stage of neglect; suffering injuries, infections, parasites and due to give birth any day. We made a promise that not only would we nurse them back to health but both them and any babies that survived would have a home for life.

All but one baby made it and now the Squidgypigs with their assorted extra needs (from twisted toes to blindness) live out their days in piggy luxury helping to review Guinea Pig Products.

Primarily a review blog; we have been honoured to be asked to test and review many products from leading pet brands. From the latest food and treat releases to toys, books and even bow ties, we have reviewed nearly everything. Reviews are interspersed by Guinea Pig care guides (covering subjects like nutrition and hot weather care) and explorations into such subjects as “Can Guinea Pigs eat bananas?” and “Can Guinea Pigs swim?”. The Squidgypigs look forward to sharing their views and reviews with you.

Complete Blog URL: www.squidgypigs.com

About the blogger(s): The Squidgypigs are assisted by Bec. Bec is an ex-teacher, musician and poet currently raising two young Guinea Pig obsessed daughters in rural Cornwall.

Blog’s Twitter URL: twitter.com/Squidgypigs

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