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Blog Description: Stray No More is about photography and getting the perfect photos of the adoptable animals at my local animal shelter. I volunteer weekly at the Roanoke Valley SPCA. The blog is a collection of posts from the past several years of volunteering there. When I began there was very little information on the web about shelter photography. There was lots of good pet photography advice but not too much about the special circumstances and challenges in a shelter environment.

Photos communicate what an animal looks like but getting a great photo can say so much more about that animal. It can communicate the hope, love and spirit locked inside of an animal in transition. Bonds can be created before adopters ever step foot into the shelter thanks to web sites and social media.

Stray No More hopes to give budding photographers and shelters the information to improve their photos for the benefit of adoptable animals in their own communities. Shining the light on an animal in need creates a special reward all its own.

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