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Blog description: This blog is about our Golden Retriever, Summer, and the stuff that her first-time dog-owning humans are learning about her and about dog care. We live in Metro Manila in the Philippines where responsible dog ownership hasn’t really peaked. We’re always on the lookout for dog-friendly places, services, treats, etc. so that we could give Summer the best that we can. And whenever we come across something share-worthy (or when we have the bandwidth to do a write-up), we go ahead and share it in the hope that other dog-loving folks in the area would stumble upon it, and find what they need for their dogs or realize they could and should be treating their dogs better.

What’s your favorite pet tip that you would like to share with fellow pet lovers?: Dog ownership is a commitment so you should be intentional (i.e., not just leaving things to chance) in spending time and bonding with your dog.

About the blogger(s): Summer’s humans are Pam (software developer) and KC (software tester). Their families have owned dogs before, but Summer is the first dog that they got for themselves and are fully responsible for. They totally dote on Summer, and oftentimes get the impression that Summer’s the boss. They believe in and value responsible dog ownership and positive reinforcement. As much as they can, they look for activities to keep Summer fit and engaged like dog agility, taking her to swimming, clicker training, and even just bonding with her during their walks.

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