The Adventures of Higgins

Blog Name: The Adventures of Higgins

Complete Blog URL:

General category (dog, cat, all, other): dog

If breed-specific blog, name of breed(s): Chihuahua and Boston Terrier

Blog description: This blog is all about the adventures of Higgins! Higgins may bark about anything from squeaky toys to vacations! Each time you sniff out his blog you will never know what you will read about!

About the blogger(s): Higgins is a very mantastic Chihuahua! He lives in Tennessee and thinks he is the boss of his holler! Some of his loves include his mama and Dairy Queen dog treats!!

Ginger Bell, cousin and co-writer of The Adventures of Higgins is a one eyed Boston Terrier that lives in Florida! Her loves include terrorizing the cat and sleeping!

Blog’s Facebook URL:!/higginspugh

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